The Maria Cozette Show (MCS) is where the Left-brain meets the Right! It mirrors the host’s character as an award-winning artist and established professional. MCS is a platform for accomplished professionals of diverse backgrounds to discuss their creative outlets, artistic talents and extraordinary hobbies.

Creator & Host

Maria Cozette launched the first English program to air on an Armenian television network in 2011, Music Box with Maria Cozette (MBX). The program provided a platform for Armenian- Americans to promote their endeavors. MBX gained massive popularity and earned countless awards. The multifaceted starlet went on to obtain a Master in Business administration and launched a marketing consultancy firm. She is currently a doctoral candidate and Marketing Professor.

Cozette was inspired by community leaders and trailblazing visionaries who exercise both hemispheres of the brain- physicians who are musicians, dignitaries who are poets and police officers who are sculptors. She created a program that would shine light on a side of these professionals that the public otherwise does not otherwise see. Cozette is back on the small screen with a fresh concept.

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