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“Faded Jeans” Music Video

“11:11” Music Video

“Faded Jeans” Music Video

“Pen to Paper”

About Maria

Since the age of four, this award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and TV host has captivated audiences. Throughout her adolescence, Maria Cozette took the lead in a youth musical group for a popular television series. She translates her deep creative impulse into finely wrought sonic pieces, in which catchy, pop driven melodies resonated with fans. True to her effervescent spirit, Cozette interprets even her darkest moments into what can be heard as music with a light of hope and underlying strength. Cozette pioneered the first English show to air on an Armenian television network and recieved local and international praise.

The Maria Cozette Show (MCS) is where the left-brain meets the right! Cozette explores the left-brain/ right-brain phenomena and interviews multifaceted professionals from diverse backgrounds to discuss a creative outlet, artistic talent or extraordinary hobby.

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